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What is All-u-Lose®? All-u-Lose® is an ultra-low-calorie natural sweetener with the same clean, sweet taste and texture you expect from sugar.

All-u-Lose® is one of many different sugars that exists in nature, naturally occurring in certain fruits such as figs, raisins, and jackfruit. It's also present in very small quantities in caramel sauce, maple syrup and brown sugar.

Why choose All-u-Lose®? Because All-u-Lose® is an ultra-low-calorie sweetener with the taste of real sugar but only a fraction of the calories. A great tasting solution to a health conscious consumer.

All-u-Lose® is a healthy alternative to a traditional table sugar and can be used in beverages, baking, desserts or cooking. All-u-Lose® does not increase blood insulin levels making it a perfect sweetener for people with dietary restrictions, health concerns (e.g. diabetes), or for those trying to lose weight.

All-u-Lose® is the first product of its kind that tastes like sugar, has 70% sweetness of sugar but has 91% less calories! While many sweeteners have a distinctive unpleasant aftertaste, All-u-Lose® delivers the same bold clean taste of sugar that satisfies. It allows you to enjoy the richness of sweets without the guilt, or unhealthy effects.

How does All-u-Lose® work? All-u-Lose® is absorbed but NOT metabolized by the body and is not converted to glucose, making it practically calorie-free. Unlike other caloric sugars, All-u-Lose® suppresses blood glucose elevation after eating sugars. All-u-lose® does not cause hypoglycemia and is Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a food ingredient and in conjunction with other sweeteners.

Add it by the teaspoon to your favorite beverages or by the cupful in your favorite recipes. Enjoy a healthy great-tasting alternative to sugar. Satisfying taste experience of sugar, but without the calories!

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