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Bread Dipping Seasonings by Dean Jacob's

• BREAD DIPPING We believe that in caring for customers is like caring for your family. Our bread dipping sets are top of the line and will allow you to best serve your customers or family. We have made every effort to have products of the highest quality, thus we have several different and unique dipping sets available. Dean Jacob's has gone out of his way to bring us the best possible dipping components available. Included in many of the bread dipping sets is a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is imported from Greece. It doesn't get any better than that folks! Most of the sets come with absolutely everything you will need to get your dinner going including beautifully designed porcelain dishes; these are great for any setting.

The Dean Jacob's bread dipping tins and jars are fantastic both in flavor and economically speaking. They are offered in four great flavors that will be impossible to resist. The Sicilian, Parmesan, Tuscany and the Rosa Maria Bread Dipping Spice Blends will all make a delightful addition to your kitchen. Each of these tins will approximately serve up to 25 guests; this is where you get your bang for your buck.

Also see our testimonials section people are always posting ideas. A large number of people use the product for salad dressings as well as a cooking additive.