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Carnival Deluxe Funnel Cake Kit

Carnival Deluxe Funnel Cake Kit

Fun Pack Foods Carnival Deluxe Funnel Cake Kit

Includes a metal frying ring, cooking tongs, funnel cake pitcher with Original and Apple/Cinnamon batter mixes.

Includes enough batter mix for up to 16 funnel cakes.

Allergen note: Our funnel cake mixes contain wheat, egg, dairy and soy.

Fun & Easy to make!

Item Number:4365

The concept of the funnel cake dates back to the early medieval Arabic and Persian worlds, where similar yeast-risen dishes were first prepared and later spread to Europe. German immigrants brought the yeast dish to America, originally calling it "drechter kuche", and around 1879 developed the baking powder version along with its new name, funnel cake. Funnel cakes are typically served plain with powdered sugar, but can also be served with jam/jelly, cinnamon, chocolate, fresh fruit, or other toppings.

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