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Mantova Organic Flavored Vinegars from Italy

Mantova Organic Flavored Vinegars from Italy

Tall 8.5 oz. Bottles
► Pear
► Raspberry
► Fig
► Pomegranate

Item Number:6558

Some say it's enough that it be bottled in Italy to be Italian, others say it's enough that the brand be Italian. First and foremost, we say it must be made with Italian olives, pressed and bottled in Italy to be Italian. But it would not be a "Real Italian" without the "Italian art of taste selection and blending". Adriano Mantova, with his over 30 years of in-family experience and tradition, personally tastes hundreds of samples, from all over Italy, in order to select the ones that will meet the specifications of every bottle of Mantova olive oil. At Compagnia Alimentare Italiana, as at very few others, taste still matters and is the "key" to quality standards. This is why, when buying a "Mantova" olive oil, you are also buying the "know-how in making Real Italian" fine tasting olive oil. Great mix of Organic Vinegars: The sweet, succulent taste of fresh pear, combined with the rich flavor of the balsamic vinegar comes through in every sip of Mantova Pear Organic Balsamic Vinegar. Mantova Fig Organic Balsamic Vinegar, a richly flavored condiment that is at once sweet and tart with a well-rounded finish. Fresh raspberries and aged balsamic vinegar blend together to create a fruity and compelling condiment. Refreshing flavor blends magically with the richness of the balsamic vinegar resulting in a condiment that pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes.

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