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Gluten-Free Soup Mixes

Frontier Soups produces 20 gluten free soup mixes certified gluten free by the Celiac Support Association (CSA). That organization represents critical review of all manufacturing practices and procedures to provide risk-free choices for our gluten-free customers.

Independent laboratory testing at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Food Allergy Research & Resource Program at the University of Nebraska verifies that the gluten content in our mixes is rated as BLQ (below level of quantification) less than 5 parts per million. The verification testing is done with the most sensitive ELISA test.

The CSA Recognition Seal appears on our gluten free soup labels along with the statement, "Facility is not dedicated gluten free." We have five soups that contain wheat/gluten. They are segregated in all phases of production and storage with thorough procedures to guarantee to no crossover of wheat/gluten products with gluten free products. CSA certification verifies that we meet the CSA standards for maintaining the quality of our gluten free products.

Celiac Support Association®

"Promoting a Gluten-Free You." CSA is a membership association pursuing a mission of helping to optimize the health of those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities through research, education and support. As a public charity the member-volunteers work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to increase awareness, improve diagnosis and treatment. Join with others helping those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities to love living gluten-free! > >

Dean Jacob's®: Our facility does contain the wheat allergen. Products are gluten free but may contain soy.

Most US soy is grown, transported and processed in the same fields, shipping containers and processing facilities as wheat. Because of this, Dean Jacob's is not able to guarantee with 100% certainty the product does not contain any traces of gluten.

There is no cause to put a warning on the labels due to the low risk, but it is the recommendations that people with severe allergies not consume our products.

Dean Jacob's is a peanut-free facility.

Simply Beyond®: All Vinegar & Herbs are organic. Herbs are Kosher. Vinegar is made with select, non-GMO fruit juices and vinegar, not infusions. No Sugar Added.

Convenient spray can is a unique eco-friendly can with Non-Aerosol technology.