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We tried your Meat Rub and we love it,,,

Hi I purchase some of your poultry rub put on my turkey for Christmas On my God the best turkey I ever had there was none left.
Maryland S.

My family loves the creme brulee - it is as good as that we have eaten in France. Congratulations on your success.
Sally G

This Sriacha pepper is sooooo good. I have it on baked potatoes, grilled chicken. I have it at my desk and at home.. Wonderful ! br>Kevin

We ordered this Bread Dipping seasoning from a school fundraiser and my son fell in love with the Bread dipping set. Thanks We've used this product before and love it. Thanks for the great quality
Carol S.

Loved road kill ,got it as a present, want to keep using it.
Don C.

Love the Bread Dipping seasonings and Crème Brulee
Vivian C.

I had purchased a popcorn popper and also a seasoning set with popcorn kernels. I made the seeds and used the seasoning. It was amazing. I appreciate the care and quality that went into the product. Thank you for that. Thank you for your time, Sharon D

Amazing Product! Spicy Garlic Jumbo Grinder Mill
Kathy B.

Am using road kill on Christmas bird. Enjoy product and name of it.

So glad to find your website. Love your Parmesan Blend Dipping Seasonings!
Laurie W.

Thank You~!!! LOVE your products
James L.

Love this spice and so does the family. BBQ Grill Goes great in scrambled eggs and in hash browns.
Sherman L.


Everyone loved the Spicy Garlic
Clementina M

Had the creme brulee at a friend's house and am immediately putting in this order!
Pat H.

Love this product. Received as gift. Now we will be giving this as gift. Thank you
Marla H.

Well! I must say that I'm very impressed with your customer service! Thank you so much for sending a replacement.I will definitely pass your brand name around! Best regards,
Donna P.

While in Twin Falls Idaho I was in a shop (Ruby’s) and came across your Dean Jacob's Garlic Sea salt grinder. This is the BEST Garlic/Salt on the market NOTHING comes close to what you have put together. Thomas is way too salty, others have oil in them and still other taste horrible. When I got back to FL I search all over until I found you on line. I go through 6 bottles every 7 months. LOVE THIS PRODUCT
Karen V.

Thank you very much for being so easy to work with, great customer service!
Kate P.

I am sending this as a gift. Somebody that was at my house liked the dipping spices so much that I am ordering one for her.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Your company has not only the best spice blends, but also terrific customer service! Again, I thank you...

Lance B.

Your products are GREAT.
Ron & Flo

Fabulous service! Kudos I hope to do business with you in the future.
Anna S.

Thank you, I received the Grindermill yesterday. I appreciate your good service.
Amy B.

Already got 4 other kits. Love Love! Getting them for gifts.
Kim B

Thank you so very much, I appreciate your attention to detail, ie more than 1 replacement dish. I'm sorry I did not receive your voicemail my phone number has changed. Thank you again & I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Have looked all over for funnel cake mix to buy this year at local stores, and i have been unsucessful. glad i was able to purchase on line.
Mary J.

Im so glad you had a website on the bottom of our can of road kill grill.My husband fell in love with it and I was afraid I was going to have to drive a long way to buy another can for a stocking stuffer.
Toni G.

I had a blurb on my order screen telling me if I ordered within a time limit, I would get a 5% discount automatically applied to my total. I did place an order within that limit but no discount was applied to my order. I probably would not have placed that size of an order w/out the discount and am now wondering about doing business with you again. Is this standard practice?
Jami, Left you a Voice mail, we gave you your 5% discount and are looking into why it did not auto adjust.
Thank you for your consideration and help in this matter.
Jami E.

Thanks Rick H. for Being OUR 35,000th Customer, Enjoy your FREE GIFT

Please notify me immediately if these items are not available and in stock, so I can get them for a special event. Diana F.
No problem Diana, we stock Dean Jacob's products directly from the warehouse not only could we get you hundreds if you’d like our products are also always the freshest available.
ChefScotte "I Guarantee It"

I love your is so awesome to set up a dish of oil/dippings with a nice loaf of bread and enjoy with the neighbors.
Stephen H.

My family and I love your quad variety sprinkle jar of ice cream toppings, what a genius idea!!!!

That Road Kill seasonimg is really good on anything!
William B.

Road Kill Grill "Great rub"!!!
Denis O.

The Road Kill seasoning is the best I have ever used. I have gone through 4 cans already.
Michael F.

Love your products...
Marion T.

Used your Dipping Seasonings from King Auther and use them in a number of our cookings. Now I am looking forward to your other products.

John A

Hi -- just rec'd the 3 Boxes of Cup Cake Mix, in perfect condition ( very different from the original order. ) Thank you for your attention and good will. as the need arises we will look your way.
Pat F. Whitehouse Station NJ ,

At last I got to the right location to order your very excellent product.
Kenneth B.

Glad to find this online - got it at a farmer's market and saved the tin.
Ann K.

Third time i am ordering. Really like the rubs.
Mary U.

Can no longer find this spice rub "Road Kill Grill" at Country Junction.....drove over 300 miles to get it when visiting family....everyone loves it !
Dianne J.

Iam just dying to have these items and i am looking forward to doing more shopping on this site thank you, Anna A.

These are the Best Creamers we have ever tasted ! We are going to use them in The Hair Salon I Work In.
Linda A

(Gourmet Key Lime Cheesecake Mix)
Got this in Flordia Keys,,,,,,,best cheese cake we ever made and or bought!!!
Constance S. K

Roy F

Yay! I am so excited to find you guys online! I have missed my coffee flavors! M

Sorry I missed your call (again!) but thanks so much for letting me know what's up with my order. I really do appreciate you pre-paying the Canadian customs/duties charges. As you had suspected, UPS will not drop off an order on which those charges are still owing, and since I'm at work usually when they try to deliver, I end up having to drive out to their warehouse after hours to pick up. Just make sure you're not short-changing yourself on the costs. I don't mind paying the actual cost - I know it's not the retailer's fault it's so expensive to ship cross-border. I got your message that the new cost is $101.45 total, but if you need to adjust that slightly to make sure you aren't subsidizing those fees, that's okay, so long as you let me know.
Chantal C

Hi, I just received your red velvet cupcakes for Christmas. They were delicious..real red velvet made insanely fast and easy!! THANKS!!

Love Road Kill and Mixed Grill for all grilled meats. The flavor is fantastic! I bought both at a kitchen store in Ruidosa, N.M. and can't do without this great seasoning!
Lynda B.

I received a voice message from a Gentleman called Jason (I believe that is his name) and he mentioned that $5.95 will be the special shipping cost for me. Thanks so much for doing that. Here you have a customer FOREVER and I will make sure all my friends know about the great products that you offer. Thanks again
Pilar Jazmin Quintero F.

I sent my sister the bread dipping set for Christmas but when it arrived, she was so excited that she tore right into it. Says she couldn't help herself, everything was so delicious. Thank you for the great service and wonderful product. I think I'm locked into this gift from here on out and I'm coming to you to fill the order.
Vicki G.

Thank you so much for your prompt & courteous service in replacing the 4 broken cups in my initial order. Good customer service is SO important in this day & time. I will order from this company again. I am impressed. Thank you & have a safe & Happy Holidays!
Ruth M.

Just a short note to thank you for this special order of Road Kill Grill Seasonings that I received yesterday. Your service was excellent and I was thrilled that I could find it on-line as I had bought a container in the past at a specialty shop which no longer supplies it. Look for- ward to future orders with you and thanks again for the great service, and Happy Holidays!!
Ann-Marie D. Ontario Canada

I like this product and have decided to give as gifts for Christmas with a nice bottle of dipping oil and fresh bread,
Mary D.

I made some venison steaks last night and they were quite tasty. I used the Road Kill seasoning and the balsamic & grape seed oil and seared them in a cast iron pan. The mixture of both worked very well.

I recived this as a gift and i have injoyed it for so long and was very happy when i foud out i could order it on line.
Randy P

I had 3 grandkids over this weekend and their favorite part out of 2 movies, lunch out, Halloween play, pizza later, pancake breakfast, was, the funnel cakes. Now they insist we take them camping next summer and have funnel cakes at the campground. Now my mom says she loves them too. She's 80
Shery S.

We've been looking for this for months. my wife bought it along time ago.and everyone keeps looking for the same seasoning and no luck. other brands aren't as good. we now have some Christmas gifts for "what will be some happy people.
Chris S.

Just received my order--#31xxx - and have unpacked it. thanks you for putting each jar in a zip lock bag as one of them leaked all over the inside of the bag. Got it cleaned up but it would have been a real mess if not packed individually. Looking forward to trying your product, Garlic Cheese Spread.
Janice B.

Janice, we agree the best way to ship many of our gourmet products is to insure its integrity by multi-layered packing... We try our best to ship with the upmost care insuring a prompt dependable delivery service. Sometimes even with all our efforts things can happen, we will send you a replacement promptly.

I have used these sauces before and they are WONDERFUL!!! On Weight Watchers we are supposed to have 2 tsp of essential oils (olive oil), I getr mine by mixing with these spices and rubbing it on toasted english muffins!!! AWESOME!!!
Renee D.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake Mix, Hurry!!!!!!!!!! I'm Hungry!!
Steven Z

I tried the Cappucino cupcake mix and it was absoultly delicious. I now want to try a few more along with my favorite. I hope they are all as delicious.
Thank You, Theresa

Received the Red Velvet Cupcake mix for birthday and just finished preparing them and tasted for the first time and they are marvelous; that is why I am ordering a lot more of these delicious and easy mixes. Thank you

Thanks so much for the bonus gift of Mango Creme Brulee! Again, too bad you don't still carry it. I really appreciate that you dig one up for me!

We received your dipping spices for Christmas. On a fluke I decided to use the Sicilian Blend on some fish I was frying---OUTSTANDING! It's our new favorite! Just a little olive oil in the pan, a healthy sprinling of the spice and fry until done. YUMMY!
Cynthia J

Thank you for filling our order so quickly. When we used up the last of our bread seasoning we were afraid we wouldn't be able to find more. It is so good and versatile. You should let people know that it is great for roasted red potatoes. That is how we use them!!
Cheryl V.

Thanks for being so promp with confirming our order.
Jerry B.

Love your products

Great products and service.
Ken B.

Got the Red Velvet Cupcake mix as a gift, made them with some modification and they were yummy! Reason to try some of your other products
Nancy R. Deck

Rating: Excellent > Comments: > Price Rating:Excellent > Shipping Options Rating:Excellent > Delivery Rating:Excellent > Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent > Customer Service Rating:Excellent > Title: > Body:Purchased as a Christmas gift. Very satisfied with the > ease of the site and ordering of purchases. My order was > received > promptly and in good condition. I would recommend this site > to my family and friends and most likely will return to this > site. Thank you.
Marie R.

Thank you Scott for the call-back and the great customer service. The package did arrive, but unfortunately after are chance to give them as gifts, since we had to scramble to replace things at 10pm the night the package was supposed to arrive.

Again, it looks like a UPS thing and you guys have been great. I will remember that when looking for products from a great company.

Thank you for the offer of the rebate on shipping and I hope that UPS doesn't hold back on your on this, since they are obviously the problem here. I receive hundreds of packages a year from UPS and they usually seem good about taking care of things, but let's hope so.

Happy holidays and thank you again for the great customer service. We'll give away the items ordered at some point...maybe we'll just wait until next Christmas :)

Rating: Good Comments: Price Rating:Good Shipping Options Rating:Good Delivery Rating:Good Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Good Title: Body:Their site was easy to navigate and made it very easy to purchase items. I also thought the shipping price was very reasonable and the items were shipped quickly. Overall I was very satisfied and will come back in the near future. I have also already told some of my friends and family about the their products.

I want to thank you all so much for getting our order out so fast after the mix up the first time you sent it out. I received the spices today. My son had gotten these spices in a pizza kit and really loved them. He had mentioned it to me and wondered where he could get more. He will be very happy when he receives them as a gift for Christmas. Thanks again! Happy Holidays,
Linda E.

I love your creme brulee mix and the store where I bought it does not carry it anymore.
Ellen F.

Wow, this was fast. Your are true to your tag line of 100% customer satisfaction.
Thank you. Lynn

I received some of the bread dipping seasonings and simply loved it. I'm going to give my customers some of this wonderful product.
Joelle H.

Funnel Cake Starter Kit, Great gift for the holiday!

You know, I've long lamented how difficult it is to find good customer service these days - I truly appreciate you working with me so easily. You've earned a customer for life!
Beth S.

This is for my sister who lives in Ireland. She has been looking for this product for a long time. Brilliant that I found you. Thanks

Wine Dip & Dish Gift Set. I've tried this item before. It makes a great gift!
Nan S.

A friend gave us this product and we so enjoyed it that we decided to order some as "stocking stuffers" for the upcoming holiday!
Susan F.

Love this stuff!! Use in my Shrimp Scampi. Yum!
Sara F.

Jim H.

My friend Stephanie G. of Denver CO referred me.
Ronda Del B.

Scott-rec'd your call and thanks for your help.

We have shipped to France before. Make your order we will figure out your shipping cost and E-Mail you your total before we charge your card and ship. We will use the best shipping options available, Remember you are responsible for any additional Duties and Taxes imposed by your country.
Great ! I'll order asap ! Thanks alot ! Best regards, Vaea Bourgeois

Sorry I wasn't able to check my email sooner - That sounds GREAT!!! $35.65 is fine! Thank you for working with me - AND for finding my favorite - Lemon Dill !!! You are AWESOME!!! Take care and again - thanks for your time and efforts!

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, Absolutely delicious
Debra S.

I wanted to first send major KUDOS and thanks to the person who went above and beyond for me to try to find out the answer to a question I asked recently on your site. I received two responses to my question, one simply said "This product only comes in the 4 part container at this time." and the other response actually seemed to have done a bit of leg-work to find out that actually the answer to my question was "yes"! :) Needless to say, I was very disappointed to have seen the "no" response and delighted to have seen the "yes" - even though there were caveats.

The question I asked was about how to buy just the "Dark Chocolate Crunch" that comes in your 4-pack of Chocolate Ice Cream sprinkles... Ultimately, my "yes" response told me that I'd have to buy 45 lbs at a time from the manufacturer. I'm actually potentially fine with doing that, but I need to know how much it would cost. Likewise, I'd like to know how to go about doing so.
Michele B.

Am thrilled that I found your website. I LOVE your flavorings!!!
Sharon V.

I confirm that I received your package around the 15th August ( I m not precise on the date because I was in holiday when it was deliver at my home) Everything is ok. Thank you for the additional gift best regards
Tassin, France

I beleve that I have started a little dipping cult with your spices. This order of six is for gift to people who have enjoyed the dipping bread. I'll probably be back for more
Mary Jo B.

Hello again i just love your products and everyone else does too keep up the good work.
Douglas W.

I have been using the multiple flavor shaker and always use this up first "Parmesan Blend", thank you!
Linda J.

We absolutely LOVE your bread dipping seasonings & use them in other cooking ... haven't tried the no salt versions, but they'll probably be wonderful ... thank you ... we can't get it from our local Dierberg's any longer.
karen h.

Glad to find your site. I picked up your bread seasoning at our local Dierbergs some time ago. I used it when cooking and it was awesome. When it was gone, I looked everywhere but Dierbergs no longer sold it. I kept the container thank goodness, and saw your web site. I will be ordering lots from you all. I can't wait. Your bread seasonings made my chicken, and other food taste like it was cooked with fresh herbs. I was able to replicate my cooking in Germany. Thank you so very much and please never go out of business.
Josie M.

We enjoy your creme brule mix very much, it is as good as any we have gotten in France and much better than is served in most of England.
Sally G

These cup cakes are the best I have ever eaten .Got the cappuccino Xmas time at TJ Maxx.
Candice B.

I love your Parmesan Blend dipping seasoning. Thank You.
Robyn H. Enjoyed how fresh your product was, compared to what I bought at the store.
John C.

We love this stuff!!! Got some for Christmas and then went on vacation and found some at a specialty shop!!! So glad to find out we can order direct. Thanks,
Jennifer Gavin

Good afternoon ... is there some reason our local Dierberg's in St. Louis, Missouri, no longer supplies your seasonings?? When I inquired with their customer service they said you weren't making them any longer ... yet I found them on your website (THANK GOODNESS!!) ... please advise ... thank you ... kh

Have a great 4th of July!

Got these as a gift and relly love your rubs. I am a customer for life now>
Patricia F.

Thank you for correcting the problem! Customer service at it's best.
Scott D.

Very pleasant conversation and very helpful
Lydia G. from Canada

Have to let you know about a product I used last evening - Dean Jacob's Molten Cocolate Lava Cake Kit. Two years go as a gift, I gave my daughter a box of the above-mentioned item. Last month on a visit, she returned it to me saying they would not use the product. Last evening, I decided to make the cake, even though the 'best if used by' date was 4/08. The only item that I needed to replace was the chocolate chips as they would melt in either the microwave or in a pan on the stove. The cakes came out perfect, looked beautiful, and tasted just great! In fact, our company commented how light it was and how mild the chocolate tasted...not real sweet. Thought you might like to hear that 'older' products can still be used with possible modifications. This was the first time I had used this product but definitely will be looking for more in the future.
Diane M.

I have purchased your bread dipping seasoning... Guess what? I also add it to meats... I love the parmesan blend... for spaghetti... do you sell this one by itself?
Michelle C.
Yes we do go to this link Look at our Bread Dipping Tins & Canisters.

I purchased this product with dipping sausers frome one of my kids fundraisers and everyone in the family loves the seasoning! Thanks
Christine F.

The creme brulee mixes are wonderful. Unfortunately, the merchant that used to carry them was bought out and closed down. Now I have to mail order instead of popping into the shop to get them. Trust me, I looked all over my area stores to find them, and in North Houston, that's alot of stores!! Thank you for putting your website on the package.
Robin C.

Received the three-variety pack at Christmas and we really kike the Road-kill seasoning on our steaks.
Michael F.

Mom son gave me your Pizza Set for Christmas. I only have a toaster oven so I have put off making any. One pan fits perfect in the oven. I fixed them one at a time tonight and fell inlove with your product. I will be ordering soon!!!
Jill C.

I have finished a 2.5 Parmesan Blend and I am in love. With bread dipping into olive oil with the seasoning is out of this world.
Stella J.

My initial Bread Dipping from your company was a gift and it has been deliciously helpful in seasoning my pasta, fish, etc. Thanks for sharing your talents with me.
Rosemary S.

I bought my first Bread Dipping in Fremont, MI. The most tasteful flavor I have ever tasted! We use it in salads, toast, butter, tuna fish and chicken. Thanks
Denise B.

This is my family's favorite meat (especially chicken) seasoning. We discovered it at the Garlic Shoppe in Gilroy, CA., right off the 101. At first I just bought it as a joke because of the name (ROAD KILL GRILL). But when we got home and tried it, we fell in love with it. Now we stock up every year when we drive through Gilroy, and online between trips. Foul Stuff is our second choise for rubs.
Dennis CH.

It's hard to find this excellent product, "Bread Dipping Seasonings" in local stores.
Robert A.

I got one of these Coffee Accents (chocolate flavor) as a gift for Christmas. My sister ordered it through her child's school fundraiser. EVERYONE loves this product. Had to get more!
Gerald G.

Tuscany Blend Bread dipping seasoning makes the "best roasted chicken seasoning I have ever found".
Bruce C.

I had purchased a blend of spices during a fund raiser several years ago and could not remember where or from whom I had purchased this delicious spice. After locating the website on the bottle (what a wonderful idea) I logged on to their website and saw that had a large array of items. Thinking of upcoming birthday gifts, and noticing the special of "buy 5 - then get 1 free", I placed a substantial order. My order went through with no problem, was confirmed almost immediately, and arrived (standard shipping) within 3 business days. Items are as presented and my free spiced was credited to my order. Excellent experience all around!! I heartily recommend the product and the website.
Nancy K.

This is the greatest stuff ever invented!(low Salt Bread Dipping) My son gave me some for a present one time and I am ready for more!
Rebecca M.

Just recently tried this lava cake mix and it came out delicious. I couldn't believe how easy it was to do and how yummy it tasted.
Lauren C.

I bought your Road Kill Grill Seasonings in New Orleans and it is the BEST seasoning I have used. I put it on everything and my friends love it.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:i have been dealing with better taste for years now and i have nothing but WONDERFUL THINGS TO SAY!!!!!!!!!this merchant is fair , fast and best yet , has the best, easy ,and most delicious creme brulee i have ever tasted !!! I have made it for every holiday for years and people are always amazed and want the recipe ...naturally, i give them the website info!!! THANKS FOR ALWAYS TREATING ME LIKE A SPECIAL CUSTOMER !!!!! with respect,
Elizabeth V.

The best I've ever had
Robin W.

You guys are the best...!!!!! ChefScotte immediately e=mailed the anser to my question of single dipping blend purchase... Thank you..!!!
Christopher A.

Creme Brulee, Absolutely love this product -- its almost addictive.
Emily G.

I sure like your new webpage .. much more professional looking and easier to read. Thanks!
Sharyl B.

I bartend at a bar and the owner had one of these pizza spices. I asked her were she had gotten it and she told me it was from her daughters fundraiser. I was soo bumbed! Now 2 months later im studying the jar and see your web site. Thanks soo much for amazing spice for my pizza!!
Nicole K.

Thank you for making the online ordering so easy. I am not gifted when it comes to computers and often get frustrated by the many hoops you have to jump through to order something. Thank you for making it a pain free process.
Carolyn S.

Hello. Please let me know via email when this item ships. It is part of a birthday gift. Thank you so much. I look forward to future orders. We love this creme brulee mix.
Madonna B.

Yeah, I'm so grateful for your return call. Out of the hundreds on the internet, you are the only one that has everything I want! This is for a very special fabulous man in my life, please help me achieve this little task. It has to be from Santa Claus and my name nowhere, please. I would really be grateful if this surprise could be gift wrapped. Thank you all for being Santa's helpers!
Linda A.

We purchased the Road Kill Grill Rub in West Yellowstone, Montana two years ago and cried when we ran out! This will be a popular stocking stuffer! Thanks for a wonderful and comical product!

The road kill grill is great stuff.....hope the others are as good:-) happy holidays
Chris A.

A friend in AZ gave us a bottle of the Bread Dipping Seasonings and we love it. We can't find it in the Chattanooga area, so we are ordering it from you.
Robert C.

The dipping seasonings are wonderful!!!!!! Your service is great. I ordered on Sunday and Tuesday morning they were at my house. I cannot live without these products. Garlic Parmesian and Tuscan seasoning.
Bonnie M.

I’ve found yet another use for your Bread Dip seasonings. I bought a container that includes four different seasonings years ago…Tuscany Blend, Sicilian Blend, Rose Maria, Parmesan Blend and have experimented with their uses in addition to bread dipping. The Tuscany I found out today is perfect for mixing with ground turkey for the best burgers ever!
Georgia C.

I enjoy your dipping seasoning used with grape seed oil! I purchased it on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC, but can not find it in the stores in Bergen County, NJ. Thanks for making it available on-line.
Susan G.

It is very difficult to find this Creme Brulee in Canada and at they had all the flavours and more THANK YOU
Mary B.

Love the dipping spices. I still havent used them for dipping. They are so versital.!
Ron S.

I received the 3 pack of Roadkill Grill, Foul Stuff, and Fish Tail Seasonings as a gift and just love them. I use the Mixed Grill rub on all the meat I grill.
Chad L.

Love your bread dipping seasoning! Can't wait to try others.
Candice J.

Finally found my favorite Creme Brulee. Can't wait to receive this order!
Linda C.

First time at your web site. I was looking for this product; which the stores here only carry as part of a 4 part canister.
Thank you. Ilana Y.

Fantastic herb combination-I use it for panini sandwiches, of course bread dipping, and on casseroles.
Diana C.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:Very satisfied with order and prompt delivery
Verilea M.

We love these spices!!! Hard to find in stores here in Utah. We have used it for years but found it where we used to live before now. Thank You!

I have ordered twice from Both times I received prompt delivery. Less than a week from the time I ordered. The product is wonderful. I heartily recommend to all.
Bonnie M.

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
The seasonings are outstanding, a wonderful complimentary blend of taste. Well worth the price!
Shirley B.

Thank you for your prompt response. I was very tired when I emailed you and disappointed that it appeared another "online purchase" was going astray, but it also appears that the correct amount ($39.95) was invoiced, so I am happy. I am especially delighted with Spicey Garlic -- it is really a fantastic combination and I use it on everything but dessert....
Faith L.

Chef Scottie, Thanks so much for your fabulous bread dipping tins. I had a family re-union this past weekend and all of the guests remarked on how wonderful the bread dipping spices were. All said that for Christmas, that would be the special gift for each family !!!!! And that is what will happen. Thank you again for all of the special products that you and your team concoct. Have a great summer. You have made our family re-union extra special.
Kent H.

Patrica G.

This is my second time ordering and I really really really loved the spices and service I received!!! Thanks and you will always have my business.
Preston H.

Absolutly love your Char Broil Seasoning..... : )
Darrell G.

This is the best seasoning in the world for fish. We love it!
Bernadette W.

I am extremely excited that I have FINALLY found this product. I have looked EVERYWHERE for it for the last few years, but couldn't find it! Thank goodness for the internet
Margaret S.

I got this item as a gift and found that I have to have more. It is very good.
Ralph D.

I love this stuff!!!! And my jar is almost empty. I'm also buying one for my daughter-in-law and she will no doubt become another of your good customers.
Grace B.

Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating:Excellent Shipping Options Rating:Excellent Delivery Rating:Excellent Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent Customer Service Rating:Excellent Title: Body:All my purchases from Bettertaste have been excellent.
Gerald B.

Received this in my Christmas box from a friend in Chesapeake, VA ......... she's restocked me once, but is having a difficult time finding it again. It's one of the, if not THE BEST, Key Lime products I've had. Can't wait to double the recipe and make a thicker cheesecake.
Linda H.

Hi, I received a three pack of your Dean Jacob's Rubs containing the Seafood Rub, Poultry Rub, and Meat Rub as a gift. I have tried dozens of seasoning rubs over the years. Yours by far exceeds the taste, flavor, and aroma of any I've tried! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find how to buy more, but thankfully I found your Web Site so that won't be a problem. You can count on me to share your products with my friends, and I look forward to trying more of your items that I have found on your site. I don't suppose you offer "discount coupons" for me to encourage my friends to use your items, do you? No big deal if you don't, because if they don't believe this is the best seasoning ever, it will be our little secret!!! Thank you for the "kudos" I receive from my Bar-B-Que Dinners since I have begun to use your items.
Regards, Jim C

Received the bread dipping seasoning set as a gift & absolutely love the fabulous flavors of all 4 seasonings! Am anxious to try more.
Margaret D.

Fantastic !! Glad I found your site!
Carina H

Excellent product. Enjoy the ease of ordering as well as the flavors.
George B.

My wife is having CREME BRULEE WITHDRAWALS...LOL...She loves your mix so much that when ever we go to gourmet restaurants she won't order their creme brulee's because they are not creamy enough....and I save lots of $.
Gabe W.

we got this seasoning for christmas and love it we were so glad you have a web site so we could get some more of it!
Eric M.

Terrific -- service -- the customer service rep who called me here in Prince Edward Island Canada was one of nicest, informed reps-- who offered money saving mailing alternatives.
Margaret G.

I love your products! Thank you!
Stephanie B.

The grocery store that we do business with, Hy-Vee, was discontinuing the "Dean Jacob's BBQ Grill" seasoning so we decided to try it. Were we ever surprised, it tasted great on everything we put it on. Salmon, especially, tasted so, so, so much better! We've even tried the other grocery stores around with no luck finding this, that's why we finally decided to buy online......we couldn't be without it any longer. Thank you so much for this wonderfully flavorful seasoning.
Roberta M

Really enjoyed your product not just for the purpose of seasoning oil for dipping bread but for seasoning Italian sauces also.
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Angelique B.

I received this set for Christmas and love it. It was a great addition to the bread for the spaghetti. I think my daughter and her husband will enjoy it as much as I did.
Jackie A

I love your spices and have been ordering them for years! Thank you!
Glynnis W.

Super fast delivery. Items always as described. Never had a problem w/ any purchases from here. Products are GREAT! Highly recommended!
Bernadette T.

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Courtney B.
Thank You, Courtney for your Order Over $250.00

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Darlene S.

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Linda D.

I was given the "ROAD KILL GRILL" Seasoning mix this past Christmas and my husband and I absolutely loved it!!!!! We use it on all meat items....chicken, steaks, fish....its expecially delicious on wild salmon! Thank you! Kimberly M.

This is by far the best creme brulee mix on the market.
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Shirbey K.

Hi Just to let you know that the above order has just arrived & is being packed ready for our journey back to the UK as I write. Many thanks for your trouble that you took with this order. I am most grateful
Richard H.

Finally found you! My creme brulee source!
Elanie N.

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Anna O.

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"This dipping seasoning is so good. I received a set two years ago and at first didn't realize what it was for but then I tried it with oil and yummy. Thank you so much. I have a story about my Grandmother and her children coming to America. They entered the states thru New Orleans in 1895. They worked the cane fields and were able to save enough to get their own farm in MS. and raised a large family. I found one of her menus from the ship and it had listed spice and herbs with oil, and bread. Until now wasn’t too aware of the significance of this. They evidently used this to live on coming to America."
Thanks again Eliska, Oh yes we are Italian, Actually Sicilian.