Dean Jacob's Bread Dipping Seasonings with Cold Pressed Olive Oil

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  • This 2 piece set comes in a decorative box (not shown)
  • Dean Jacob's 4in1 Compartment Jar with 1 oz. each of these favorite bread dipping seasonings:
  • ♥ Traditional Sicilian Blend with Red Bell Pepper and Tomato ♥ Rosa Maria with Rosemary & Garlic ♥ Tuscany Blend with Sun-dried Tomato & Basil ♥ Parmesan Blend with Roasted Garlic & Cheese.
  • Dean Jacob's Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy, Greece & Spain. Imported from Italy. 8.5 fl.oz. (Kosher)
  • Dean Jacob's bread dipping saucers sold separately.