Dean Jacob's Road Kill Rub Chicken & Poultry Tin by Dean Jacob's

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Road Kill Rubs aren't just for back road mishaps ... Makes all Critters Taste Great! This humorous version with the same recipes used in Dean Jacob's Tins. All the flavor with a bit of humor. Humor aside, this line of seasonings are seriously delicious. RUBS are all about succulent flavor and juicy tenderness. They seal in flavor and moisture when grilling, broiling , frying or roasting. Dean Jacob's Road Kill Rubs are a blend of herbs, spices and secret ingredients that tempt the taste buds. Sure to bring friends, family and neighbors back for more. Not just for the cook-out season, these are a year-round staple. Great flavor whether you're cooking indoors or outdoors. Dean Jacob's Road Kill Grill is sold in Tins, Shaker Jars and a Gripper Grinder. Also sold in a 5 Tin Set, 4 Shaker Jar sets; Includes: Meat Rub, Chicken Rub, Pork Rub and Fish Rub with or without Gripper Grinder, and individually.